Yawning As A Voice Over Technique

Yawning As A VO Technique

In my last blog I covered the benefits of yawning before entering the Voice Over booth during a gig or an audition. But did you know about another way it can help you?

Here’s an example: You go in to read for the part of a person who’s really sleepy. Only problem is, it’s 3pm and you just had a cup of coffee. What now?

Before going into the booth, yawn. It’ll help relax you and slow down your breathing. Then, right before you deliver your line, yawn. You’ll be slightly out of breath, but it’ll give the effect of making you sound sleepy. Then, for the second take, if you’d like to try something different, yawn into your line. We do it all the time in real life, so let’s add that same realism to our performances!

Try this technique on your next ‘sleepy’ audition and please share your experience in the comments section below.

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