Born in the Dominican Republic, Jean-Marc Berne was raised listening to the sounds of Merengue, Salsa, Classical music, Jazz, Bachata and Rock n’ Roll. Other influences include U2, The Beatles, Eric Clapton, Santana, Simon and Garfunkel, Juan Luis Guerra, Maná, and Jarabe de Palo. He started writing short stories at the age of 8, and began writing songs at 12. At 16, he learned to play the classical guitar, which then became the instrument of choice in a lot of his songs.  The eclectic taste in music is evident in the wide gamut of styles he writes in.

Now Jean-Marc has more than 150 original songs in his repertoire, including collaborations with his brother Alex, which have sparked the interest of both independent and major music labels with songs like “Canta Por Ella”, published in 2006 by Bad Boy Latino, and “One Way Street” which was featured in “The Punisher” video game in 2004.  His brother Alex has released a full-length music album in 2013 with most songs co-written with Jean-Marc.  They are currently collaborating on a follow-up album, soon to be released.

Jean-Marc is currently producing his own animated bilingual song, “I Shall Be / Yo Seré”, and he’s also working on his new song “Land On The Moon,” one of many songs from his musical in development, “As The Oil Spills…”  He is now one of the new songwriters to join Nickelodeon’s team in the animated series, “Dora and Friends: Into The City”.

Jean-Marc Berne
Jean-Marc Berne, President/Talent