Is It Rude To Yawn?

Sometimes. But not all the time. As a Voice Over actor you want to make sure to appear professional all the time. But there is one instance when I would encourage you to yawn.

You’re at a Voice Over gig or audition, and you just got called into the VO booth. Maybe a little nervousness creeps in. That is the perfect time to yawn.

What happens is that by yawning you infuse your body with oxygen, and you also slow down your breathing. So not only are you supplying your body with much needed oxygen, but you’re also calming yourself by slowing down your breathing. If you’ve ever seen Olympic ice skating champion Apollo Ohno before a big race, he takes a big fat yawn, takes his spot, and he’s ready to go. You can do the same for your next Voice Over gig or audition. Just don’t do it in the producer’s face ; )

And please let me know how it goes after you try it by sharing your experience in the comments section below.

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