Who Should You Focus On At Networking Events?

Who should you focus on when Networking? Everybody. Today on the Power Marketing Corner, we cover why you should aim to meet everyone in the room at a Networking event. Read on to find out more.

Whether you’re a Voice Over actor, producer, filmmaker or a musician, you go to networking events to enrich your support system. So while it’s important for an actor to get to meet an agent or for a musician to meet a promoter, it’s also important for these people to meet their peers. Because you never know what you might learn from your peers – what other great networking events there might be in the area, or what other great opportunities might present themselves to you because you decided to work the room.

Every month or so I have the opportunity to form part of Local Talent Connect (LTC), the social network for the Arts & Entertainment Industry. The next Networking Party will take place on Wednesday July 16th, 6-11pm at Suite 36 in New York City. Besides the opportunity to meet me, you also have the opportunity to meet Casting Directors, Agents, Producers, potential investors and other great entertainment industry people in an informal setting.

In today’s entertainment industry, it’s very common to find people who are triple, quadruple and quintuple threats. So don’t ever think “She’s just a dancer” or “He’s just an actor” simply because they do exactly what you do. Or it could turn out that he or she’s an actor/writer/filmmaker/producer who needs what you offer for their next project. Or you might think these people lack focus for having so many slashes in the description of their titles. The truth is, in today’s entertainment world, very often you need several slashes to your title in order to survive and to thrive. So whatever you do, don’t judge a book by its cover.

Whether you’re looking to meet agents, producers or a possible collaborator, have a goal in mind of meeting as many people as you can and getting to know them. You might also discover that you may be able to help others as well, and reveal something else in the process: that you have a lot more slashes in your description of yourself and can thus offer more to the world than you originally thought. And that, my friends, also increases your value in the marketplace.

To find out more information about Local Talent Connect please go to:

LTC’snetwork link: www.LocalTalentConnect.com

LTC’s FB Page Link: https://www.facebook.com/LocalTalentConnect

Event Invite Email Link: http://eepurl.com/Vu_YP.

So until next time, I encourage you to go forth and enrich your support system. Or as LTC would say: “It’s A Red Carpet World & You Deserve To Walk It” and “keep a drink in one hand, a business card in the other & network your net worth with LTC.” Hope to see you at the Party!

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