Are You Speaking From The Heart?

You may think that your message is heartfelt, but is it coming across that way?  How can you be sure?

I’ve listened to all sorts of speakers. Some great, some mediocre. And while most speakers I’ve listened to are very knowledgeable and passionate about their subject matter, sometimes speakers fail to transmit the love behind the message.

Ask yourself: why do you do what you do? Why do you choose a particular topic to talk about? Why do you choose a particular audience?  In the end, you’re helping people in one way or another.  Whether it be getting them in touch with their emotions or helping them become financially independent.

So you’re coming from a place of love.  But are you transmitting it in your voice? Are you screaming your message? Or are you not connecting with people because your voice is lacking energy and passion?

Remind yourself of why you’re speaking to people in the first place. What is your end goal?  And as you’re speaking, put your hand over your heart.  There’s no way for your message not to be heartfelt when you’re speaking from the heart.  There’s real power in feeling your own heartbeat.  And as you feel your own heartbeat, your voice will be infused with love and passion, which in turn, will touch people on an emotional level.

Try this at your next speaking engagement, recording gig or your next conversation with a loved one and let me know how it goes. And until next time, may “The Voice” be with you and Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

Heart to Heart,