Warm Up Your Read

As Voice Over Artists, we hear this direction all the time.  But what does it mean and how do we deliver a warmer read?  I’ll explain how to do this in one simple step.

When you’re given the direction to sound ‘warmer’ this means you need to soften your tone, to sound like you care, being gentle with your delivery.  Here’s an exercise for you to practice:

Make sure to record yourself as you are practicing this exercise. Begin reading while putting your hand over your heart. Notice how your voice softens as you read. Then try reading without putting your hand over your heart and notice the difference.

This exercise can also be practiced in real life. When you need to have a tough conversation, try putting your hand over your heart either right before or during the conversation. Then notice the difference in the conversation and in the other person’s reactions.

So you can take today’s lesson to heart… and all the way to the bank. Please let me know your experience while using this exercise during an audition, gig or during a tough conversation. And make sure to share your experience in our comments section.

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