No Room For Your Voice Type? Think again.

When it comes to making a dent in the Voice Over industry and carving out your niche, persistence is key. You’ve gotten the best training, you’ve got a killer Voice Over Demo, a clear brand for your voice, you’re going to auditions, and you’re going to all these networking events, ever enriching your support system and your book of contacts. You’re doing all the right things except for one thing: maintaining the relationships that you make. And that’s the one thing that may be slowing down your progress…

On today’s blog, I’d like to share with you a little story of inspiration that one of my star students, Julieta Medlar, just shared with me that I hope will inspire you too:

“Hola Jean-Marc,

How are you? I wanted to let you know that I booked 2 jobs in the last month. The first one was a private audition from the Voice Realm. I had to do the voice of Sparkle (Girl) and Speedy (Boy) for an educational video.

The second one, is my biggest project to date. I’ve been on the roster for, which is ane-learning website. Over the years, I’ve stayed in touch with Kirissa and she’s always told me that they don’t have auditions within my voice range. It just so happened that a project came through where they needed youthful voices and she thought of me. I auditioned and got the part of “Jing-Jing.” This project will take place until March of 2016! It’s an e-learning program to teach Chinese students how to speak English. So every month, I will be recording something until next year!”

I don’t know about you, but this e-mail made my day. I hope it will also inspire you to keep chugging along, and to always remember to follow up and keep yourself fresh and relevant in people’s minds. You can check out Julieta’s website at Congrats to Julieta for being persistent and trusting that something will eventually give!

How do you relate to this story? Have you had a similar experience? I welcome your answers in our comments section.

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