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The Triple - Quadruple - Quintuple Threat

People who are not in showbiz often ask me: “How come there are so many Voice Over Actors who are also singers and writers and slash – slash – slash – something else? Is it that they can’t succeed in one thing, so they hedge their bets on multiple things?”  I like to think that there’s a different answer.

As Voice Over Artists, we are first, and foremost, artists.  I love to think of ourselves as Artists because we paint images with our voices.  And as artists, we long to express ourselves through our art.  And for many of us, it doesn’t come in a single form.  For me, I’m a Voice Over Artist, Singer-Songwriter, Composer, Writer, Doodler and Storyteller.  And the one common thread among all of these descriptors is this: they all tell a story through art. 

What about you, what drives you to delve into multiple forms of art?

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