Are You Stinking Up The Room?

Seriously. Are you? As a Voice Over actor and CEO of your own company, this is of utmost importance. And although this may seem obvious to most people, every once in a while I meet people who are not as self-aware. The other day I met a seemingly well put together young man who had expressed interest in Voice Over work. He seemed very bright and enthusiastic and was doing all the right things to break into the entertainment industry, except for one thing: he was stinking up the room. Literally. And that may be the one thing that’s costing him getting cast in any project.

You may think this harsh, but who wants to work in a closed room with someone whose smell is downright offensive? No matter how talented you may be. Now I apologize if you’re that young man I describe here (I’ll be happy to discuss some solutions in private).  I realize this is a sensitive subject, and that some people do suffer from medical conditions. If this is the case with you, I sympathize with you. But please seek medical help to take care of this. There are many treatments available so that you nor anyone else has to suffer.

The same thing goes with the people who like to bathe in heavy fragrances. While that may be fine when you’re going on a date (though in my experience, you don’t want to overdo it, either), you want to be mindful of the people who are meeting you. You might love your latest Hugo Boss or Chanel, but not everyone might enjoy that scent. Instead try going light on any strong fragrances. You want people to enjoy your presence, not be turned off by it.

And if you have no idea whether you are stinking up the room, talk to someone who’s close to you whom you trust will give you a straight answer. Then follow the proper steps to eradicate the problem. Please know that I’d like for every one of you to be successful. With that in mind, I wish you all a Happy Friday!

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