Jean-Marc Berne, President/Talent
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Audio Production

We believe in providing the best quality Audio Production, taking into account the client’s intent. We enhance the Audio experience with the right music, sound effects, sound design and mixing for each project.

Our Production Philosophy

We understand your projects’ needs, and we’re here to provide effective solutions. Whether it’s fitting the Spanish translation of a 60-sec English commercial into 60 seconds, or editing the copy (with the client’s consent), we take into account the specific needs of your projects: legal terms, maintaining the strength of a concept, maintaining a good flow and tempo, and keeping the same tone of the original piece in the translated version. Since we specialize in commercial and other forms of on-air productions, we create ways to maintain the strength of your concepts and your brand.

Audio Production Demo

Jean-Marc Berne

Jean-Marc Berne, President/Talent

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