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  • Not Every Voice Acting Technique Will Work For You

    That's right.  Whether you've studied Meisner, Strasberg, Stanislavski or a new age mash-up of all of the above, use what works for you.  We're all built differently, so we have different ways of relating to ourselves and to the world, and therefore we have a different way of connecting to our physicality and our emotions.   Read More...

  • The Triple - Quadruple - Quintuple Threat

    People who are not in showbiz often ask me: “How come there are so many Voice Over Actors who are also singers and writers and slash – slash – slash – something else? Is it that they can’t succeed in one thing, so they hedge their bets on multiple things?”  I like to think that there’s a different answer. As Voice Over Artists, we are first, and foremost, artists.  I love to think of ourselves as Artists because we paint images with our voices.  And as artists, we long to express ...  Read More...

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