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  • Hydration For Your Voice Over Health

    We’ve all heard people talk about how you’re supposed to drink 8 glasses of water a day to keep well hydrated. But on certain hot summer days, that may not be enough. If you’ve ever experienced being dehydrated during a Voice Over gig or audition, not only will it affect your concentration, causing you to make more mistakes, but it’ll also affect your sound, causing more ‘pops’ on the mike.   Read More...

  • Don't Fall Into A Melody (Part 2)

    Last week we covered reading Voice Over copy backwards to capture each word on the page, and using constriction and release to avoid falling into a melody. On today's blog, we cover another great technique to avoid the melody trap. Just to review, we all have certain patterns that we fall into when reading aloud without giving much thought for how we read.   Read More...

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