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  • Paint Images With Your Voice

    But how? That's a good question. As Voice Over Artists, we face the challenge of creating whole worlds with the use of our voices.   Read More...

  • Give The Gift of Learning VO Technique

    Give The Gift of Learning VO Technique It's not too late -- $50 for a private Voice Over Coaching (that's $110 off the standard price!) Still struggling with getting your loved ones the perfect gift?  How about sharing one of your experiences? You've either enjoyed one of my classes or one of my private Voice Over Coachings.   Read More...

  • The Triple - Quadruple - Quintuple Threat

    People who are not in showbiz often ask me: “How come there are so many Voice Over Actors who are also singers and writers and slash – slash – slash – something else? Is it that they can’t succeed in one thing, so they hedge their bets on multiple things?”  I like to think that there’s a different answer. As Voice Over Artists, we are first, and foremost, artists.  I love to think of ourselves as Artists because we paint images with our voices.  And as artists, we long to express ...  Read More...

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