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  • Yelling Vs. Projecting: Do you know the difference?

    Sometimes, when I speak to people about how I help them tap into the power of their voice to project, I'll get a few who'll  respond, "Oh, I don't need that, everyone tells me I'm loud!"  While you may be projecting when you're being loud, it doesn't mean that you're projecting correctly -- it's most likely that you are yelling.  And what do you think of when you hear yelling?  It sounds like aggression, anger, like people about to get into a fight.   Read More...

  • Don't Fall Into A Melody (Part 1)

    This is easier said than done. As humans, we are very musical. We tend to have certain accents and inflections in our speech because we come from certain parts of the world, and in some cases, a lot of us fall into the trap of thinking that we need to sound ‘announcer-y’ when we’re reading commercial copy for Voice Overs.   Read More...

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