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Branding For Voice Overs: Putting Money Where Your Mouth Is!

September 17, 20196:30 PM

You may have taken "Power Marketing For the Voice Over Actor." Or invested in a Voice Over Demo that isn't getting you the results you wanted or intended. Or you may simply be getting your feet wet in the Voice Over Business.

Whether you're a seasoned veteran looking to book more work or just a beginner in the Voice Over industry, this class is for you.

In this class, you'll learn:

• What branding is and why it's critical for marketing your VO services

• How to create a Voice Over brand

• A series of exercises to help identify your brand

• How having a clear brand will increase the effectiveness of your VO Demo exponentially

• How having a clear brand translates into better relationships with Casting Directors, Agents, Managers and Producers

• How to create a branding statement

• How to create brand consistency among all your communications

By the end of the class, you will walk out with a clear direction for branding your voice!

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Actors who've taken this POWERFUL seminar had this to say:

"Great class. Very informative. Great leads for agents, networking, etc… Would definitely recommend the class if you want to have a voice over career." ~Carolina Cadillo

"Amazing!!! Such a wealth of information was shared in an enthusiastic manner. I leave feeling more encouraged and hopeful than I ever dreamed possible." ~Alan N. Pressman

"Favorite thing about Jean-Marc's class – Most of what he taught is merely a refocusing of my existing skills and resources as an actor. I always believed voiceover would be learning a lot more thank I already know, when in fact it's a lot easier than I thought… for once." ~Zach Wobensmith

"Jean-Marc Berne is an excellent and very entertaining instructor AND VERY INSPIRING! The class made me realize that having a voiceover business is definitely within my reach and I'm raring to go!" ~George Trahanis

"This was an excellent seminar packed with specific resources for the voice over artist. It's suitable for beginners and voiceover actors who have experience but want to grow their business. I was impressed by Jean-Marc's energy and infectious enthusiasm for the biz. I am leaving armed with great information, two pages of my own goals, and a plan for action for how to get started in the VO business. Thanks so much!!" ~Siobhan Kolker

"Wonderful workshop that exceeded my expectations! Jam-packed with up-to-the-minute information to jump start my voiceover career. Jean-Marc is exceedingly generous with his knowledge and know-how. Many thanks!" ~Joanne Dorian

"I am completely new to voiceovers but after all of the info and resources I've learned and received today, I feel really motivated and excited to start my voiceover career AND I can't wait to get an in-home studio." ~Erica Cho

"This was a very informative seminar for me. I'm now jam packed with ideas because of the exercises and loved the 12-step plan. It will certainly make moving forward in my VO career easier." ~Joan Preston

"Jean-Marc is very entertaining and the class was a nice mix of info and sharing between participants. The resources he offers are GREAT! I feel like I am leaving with an action plan and will know where to turn if/when I hit obstacles along the way." ~Robert Gladding

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